Viognier is an increasingly popular grape, which has traveled from its home in Condrieu in the northern Rhône to many corners of the winemaking world.

Viognier makes distinctive wines which have all the weight of a Chardonnay, but with a delightful honeysuckle, apricot and violet character to them. Most wines are best drunk young, in order to get the full benefit of its delicate blossom flavors.

In the southern French appellation of Côte Rôtie, winemakers add a tiny dash of Viognier to their (red) Syrah to give a distinctive, aromatic flavor - a practice which is also now used in Australia and elsewhere.

  • Signature Style

    Dry but aromatic, with honeysuckle, apricot, and violet notes

  • Wines to Try

    Domaine Christophe Pichon Condrieu, L'Oratoire de Millegrand, Les Anges de Malassan, Gran Tarapacá

  • Principal Regions

    Rhône Valley, Eden Valley, Languedoc, Chile's Central Coast

  • Synonyms

    Bergeron, Barbin, Galopine, Greffou, Picotin Blanc, Rebolot

    Did you know?

  • In its Rhône home, a small number of sweet Viognier wines are made in some years.
  • Viognier's balance of clean acidity and aromatic flavors make it an ideal accompaniment to mild curries and Thai dishes.