Pinot Blanc originated in Burgundy as a mutation of Pinot Noir. Unlike its illustrious cousin, Pinot Blanc has virtually no darkness in its skin and it is used to make dry white wines. In fact, the grapes are extremely similar to Chardonnay.

Like Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc is capable of making creamy whites when fermented in the same way and oaked. It is also used to make dry and sparkling wine in Alsace, the area where the grape now tends to be at its happiest. Plantings are also extensive in Italy where, like in Alsace, it is used to make dry, crisp whites and also as part of various sparklers.

  • Signature Style

    Light and fruity with flavors of apples and melons

  • Wines to Try

    Johann Wolf Pinot Blanc, Huber & Bléger Pinot Blanc Clevne Tangent Estate

  • Principal regions

    Alsace, Baden, Alto-Adige, Burgundy

  • Synonyms

    Pinot Bianco, Weissburgunder, Klevner, Fehér Burgundi

    Did you know?

  • There is still a handful of rare white Burgundies made entirely from Pinot Blanc.
  • Pinot Blanc is the most common variety used for revered sparkling wine, Crémant d'Alsace.
  • Historically, Pinot Blanc was one of the principal grape varieties used in Champagne.