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Chief winemaker at Andean Vineyards, Rodolfo 'Opi' Sadler is one of Argentina's most exciting talents. His winery is one of the most accomplished and awarded in the country, whilst Rodolfo has built up quite a reputation himself, with many accolades to his name.

He is also rated among the Top Ten in the country - he scooped 'Best Malbec of Argentina' in 2008, a formidable feat. Not to mention the trophies he's racked up for his signature red - Opi Malbec.


Rodolfo Sadler began his career in the wine industry in the early 80s as a technician in the National Institute of Viticulture. Since then, he has worked closely with some of the best growers across Argentina, producing wines that have been highly praised throughout the winemaking world.

Through nearly 20 years of winemaking experience, Rodolfo has an intimate knowledge of all aspects of grape growing and vinification. His natural talents and abilities have been enhanced by his education at Don Bosco' Winemaking School and a Graduate Degree in "e;Planning and Quality Management From the Vineyard to the Wine."e;

In addition to his unrivalled knowledge of Argentinean winemaking, Rodolfo has extensive experience in making wine abroad, having spent four harvests in California, two in Chile and one in France.

Wherever he is based, Rodolfo's passion shines through in his hands-on approach and dedication to making the best and most expressive wines from each vineyard site.

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