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GameThere are many varieties of Game – each offering different flavors and textures that suit a wide range of wine styles. Here are the main ones with their perfect wine matches.

Top Tips for Game

  • Pheasant & Partridge - a great Barolo would be fantastic as would Bordeaux, Burgundy or Rioja.
  • Quail - you can't go wrong with a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon or Shiraz.
  • Rabbit - often cooked in stews, big reds work best in our view but you can go for a lighter red if the rabbit has a lighter sauce.
  • Venison - like beef, there are many great reds that will work so do experiment! Amarone is an excellent choice, as is Australian Shiraz. A plain venison steak is best complimented by Cabernet Sauvignon.